Puzzle Love Game

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Here are the instructions for the puzzle love game:

Cut out heart shapes from different colored construction paper. Make sure you have at least two hearts of each color.

On one side of each heart, write a love-related word or phrase. Examples could include "forever," "soulmate," "hug," "kiss," "adore," etc.

Mix up the hearts and lay them out face-down on a table.

Players take turns flipping over two hearts at a time, trying to make a match by finding two hearts with the same color and love-related word/phrase.

If a player makes a match, they get to keep the hearts and take another turn. If they do not make a match, they flip the hearts back over and play moves to the next person.

The game ends when all the hearts have been matched. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Enjoy playing the puzzle love game with your loved ones!



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